What is the hallmark of innovation? Well, Honda, the Japanese automobile manufacturer (who also churns out robots and jets, mind you, alongside a slew of other engineering marvels), intends to promote their spanking new Civic Type R concept vehicle through the clever implementation of an interactive video campaign which would allow you, the viewer, to switch between a couple of complementary videos – and this is done through a simple press of the R button, which has significance since the fabled R badge from Honda is being featured here.

There is one particular storyline of the “double-sided film” which shows how a father would pick up his children from school, while bringing them over to a costume party. Press “R”, and you will switch over to the other version, where it depicts a getaway driver who intends to make his way off with a precious artifact from a museum. The full movie cannot be embedded, so you might want to check out the trailer above to see whether it is enough to whet your appetite or not.

Are you impressed with what Honda has done in their latest interactive ad that involves the Civic Type R concept vehicle? It is certainly something different from the usual humdrum, this I will admit.

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