new-honda-asimoHonda’s ASIMO robot has certainly wowed viewers for a few years now, but is there really a day when we can actually purchase an ASIMO to help us out around the home? You know, like those robots in I, Robot, which are supposed to help us humans with our everyday chores. The Honda ASIMO is no slouch in terms of mobility, as it walks, runs, take the stairs, just like any other normal human would be able to. Apart from that, it is also dextrous enough to open up a bottle and serve you a drink, or shake hands politely with a stranger. The folks over at Honda have given the ASIMO humanoid robot an upgrade, and boy are we thrilled.

In its debut at a Manhattan hotel, ASIMO chirped in English, “Hello New York! Thank you for coming today!”, using an audio recording of a teenaged boy. Looking like a miniaturized astronaut, the ASIMO stands at 1.3 meters in height and tips the scales at 50kg. Short for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”, the most recent ASIMO model paraded showed off its increased flexibility and balance, in addition to having knowledge in communication using sign language, not to mention being able to run at speeds of up to 9km/h. It is hoped that the Honda ASIMO could one day be perfected so that it can help out the elderly in their everyday tasks.

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