Wearable devices are a hot trend in the market these days and it seems like every other manufacturer is jumping on the bandwagon. HP did too but in a slightly different manner as opposed to its rivals. Instead of developing one on its own and then either opting for Android Wear or building a new OS, it teamed up with designer Michael Bastian to create a high-end wearable device.


It becomes evident just by looking at the MB Chronowing, the smartwatch developed by HP and Michael Bastian, that the first priority was to actually build a watch and then put in the technology that would enable it to hook up with a smartphone.

The base model with a stainless steel case and leather, rubber or nylon strap will be available for $349 starting November 7th. Those who want a black case with sapphire crystal glass and an alligator strap can fork out $649 for the MB Chronowing.

Obviously its not as “smart” as other smartwatches out there. On its black and white LCD display the MB Chronowing can display notifications for text messages, weather, calendar, stock prices and more. A separate clock dial ensures that the user gets to see the time every single time.

There’s no touchscreen or microphone, the smartwatch is controlled by three physical buttons located on the right side. It can be used for all basic actions that a watch can do and also for interacting with notifications.

If you’re interested in one keep in mind that this is a limited edition product that is only being sold through Gilt.

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