A rumor from yesterday hinted that one of the new wearables Jawbone could be releasing would be an affordable device priced at $50. This would undoubtedly make it a lot more affordable than a lot of wearable devices out there. Well it looks like the rumors were right on the money as Jawbone has officially taken the wraps off the Jawbone UP MOVE.

Unlike the Jawbone UP3 or other competing wearables, the UP MOVE does not have to be worn on the wrist. This means that if you’d rather not have something strapped to your wrist, the UP MOVE will be a good alternative. Instead users will be able to attach it to their belt loop, clip it to their shirt, and so on.

However if there is a downside to the UP MOVE it is that it will not be as feature rich compared to the UP3. It will come with sensors such as an accelerometer that allows users to track their daily steps. It will also be able to track your sleep cycles to see if you’re having a restful or a fitful sleep. It will also pair with Jawbone’s UP app that lets you keep track of your activities, so that you will better realize what you do throughout the day and what you can do to improve it.

Jawbone is also boasting that the UP MOVE will come with a battery life that will last a good six months, so if you’re looking for a discreet tracker that won’t require charging that often, then the Jawbone UP MOVE will be for you. Like we said, it is priced at $50 and according to Jawbone it will be available for pre-orders starting today. Jawbone will also be selling accessories for the device, such as wrist straps.

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