jolla-magnetic-kbThe very first Jolla device was revealed to the rest of the world some time last year, and since then, it has been pretty quiet from the team that comprised mostly of ex-Nokia employees. However, you will be pleased (and rightly relieved) to hear that they have not been sitting down idly, but rather, have been working on what could very well be a brand new accessory for the Jolla device – in the form of a physical keyboard, of course. Needless to say, nothing official concerning this particular peripheral has been released just yet, although it looks set to debut as a Kickstarter project.

For all you smartphone users out there, how many of you still make use of a physical keyboard? Surely BlackBerry fans will reminisce of the good old days where a QWERTY keyboard ruled the roost, but times have changed, so it remains to be seen whether such a Kickstarter project will have the kind of pulling power in order to make it big.

This new keyboard attachment does seem to have more than what a regular Bluetooth keyboard attachment would bring, sporting an extremely thin design, and can be removed in a jiffy from the phone. It will attach itself via magnets, and users can strip off the keyboard in the blink of an eye. Oh yeah, it is also illuminated so that typing in the dark is a whole lot more convenient.

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