starbucks3When it comes to Wi-Fi and Starbucks, those two elements seem to go hand in hand regardless of which country you go to. However, not all of the Wi-Fi speeds are equal when you think about it, and if you happen to drop by the one particular Starbucks outlet in Kansas City, prepare to be blown away by the kind of speeds that you would experience. Google has been working quietly in the background to expand their free fast Wi-Fi connection in Starbucks outlets throughout the entire U.S. for quite some time already, but there is one particular outlet that rules them all – where it is located on 41st and Main Street, Kansas City. The reason behind this? It happens to be the first Starbucks outlet that is hooked up to Google’s extremely speedy Fiber network.

Google Fiber and Kansas City’s “relationship” started a couple of years back, so it can be said to be rather surprising that it has been quite some time before a Starbucks outlet hopped alongside the bandwagon, although there has been a previous announcement that such a thing would happen down the road. Apart from extremely speedy Internet connectivity, there will also be community tables dotted throughout the outlet, featuring Chromebooks that are hooked up directly to Google Fiber, in addition to integrated wireless charging points that let you juice up your power hungry devices while you sip on your latte. We are talking about speeds of up to 100 times faster than a standard cable modem here.

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