While Microsoft has made Windows 10 public there is still a significant time left before the latest iteration is publicly released. Many have asked whether the company’s mobile platform will jump on the new update as well and if a report is to be believed, Microsoft is internally testing Windows 10 for phones. The report comes from someone who has been right about Microsoft’s plans in the past.

Currently Microsoft has only released the Windows 10 Technical Preview which is limited to desktops and laptops, its not for smartphones. There has been endless speculation about the future of Windows and many expect that Microsoft will move towards a unified platform that’s the same across all devices, with user interface tweaks to cater to the different form factors.

So it really wouldn’t surprise anyone watching Microsoft closely if it announces Windows 10 for smartphones. @Nawzil, the aforementioned reliable source, claims that internally Microsoft is testing two major updates for Windows Phone 8.1 as well as a build of Windows 10.

Unfortunately there are no details about what Windows 10 brings to smartphones. Perhaps we’ll get to see leaks in the coming months if such a build is really being tested, but for now, we’re pretty much in the dark.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed its plans for Windows 10 on smartphones.

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