far-cry4Developers these days are starting to become more sneaky when it comes to revealing who might have pirated their game. For example with The Sims 4, it seems that one of the ways developers know who pirated their game is when they post questions on the forum asking about why their game is unnecessarily censored.

Earlier this year, another developer sneaked in a popup message that only appeared in pirated copies of the game. Well it looks like Ubisoft has pulled a similar move with Far Cry 4. There have been reports of gamers who are unable to access Field of View (FOV) controls in the game, which as it turns out is limited to those who might have pirated the game.

This was confirmed by Alex Hutchinson, the director for the game who wrote on Twitter, “PC players! If you’re online complaining about the lack of FOV control … You pirated the game.” The FOV controls were added in a launch day patch, which legitimate copies of the game should have received when they were connected to the internet.

Basically this means that most, if not all, of the FOV-related complaints you have read about online are from people who have illegally downloaded the game. Of course some gamers might have downloaded it to try it for themselves before actually purchasing it, but we suppose there are some who would just rather not pay for it at all, but either way it’s a clever move.

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