spaceshiptwo-goes-aheadVirgin Galactic LLC intends to continue with the building of a second SpaceShipTwo, which might be interpreted by some as a never-give-up spirit, taking into consideration how the first SpaceShipTwo model crashed not too long ago last Friday, killing the co-pilot who was on board while putting a damper in Virgin Galactic’s plans to send tourists up into space.

Virgin Galactic mentioned over Twitter, “While this has been a tragic setback, we are moving forward and will do so deliberately and with determination. We are continuing to build the second SpaceShipTwo.”

Right now, the second SpaceShipTwo happens to be somewhere at the completion stage of 65%, and there is still some ways left to go. According to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, it is very near to finishing up the on-scene segment of the investigation in Mojave, California, which was the site of the crash. As for the reason behind the crash, we will just have to be patient since the investigation might actually take close to a year before tangible results are discovered. Hopefully there will be more built-in safety features that might override pilot carelessness in the future to avoid any potential tragedies that had the world reeling in shock and horror just over the weekend.

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