Fans of the deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs have been anxiously waiting for updates on the biopic that has been penned by Aaron Sorkin. Only recently it was confirmed that Christian Bale has been locked in to portray Steve Jobs, and as excited as we are about seeing that performance, there’s another crucial character in the Apple story and that’s Steve Wozniak. The million dollar question now is who will portray Wozniak in this biopic?

Well if Variety’s sources are correct then its Seth Rogen who has been tapped to play Steve Wozniak opposite Christian Bale as the second co-founder of Apple.

The extent of Rogen’s role as Wozniak in the biopic is not yet known. Sorkin has penned this based on Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Steve Jobs and it depicts three 30-minute scenes from three big product announcements. One such scene will be the iconic unveiling of the Mac by Jobs back in 1984.

Neither Rogen nor the studio behind this project has officially issued a statement confirming his selection to play Wozniak, but the scribe seems to be pretty content with what it has heard from sources.

The biopic is likely going to hit the screens sometime next year, no word as yet when filming will formally begin.

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