starbucks wirelessSo you’re out and you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, but then you realize that your phone is starting to run out of battery and unfortunately you did not bring your charger with you and you don’t have a power bank on hand either. Well if your phone supports wireless charging, you might be pleased to learn that Starbucks will be rolling out Powermat chargers to 200 of its stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The plan is to roll out more Powermats to the rest of the US, followed by Europe and Asia within a year, so for all of you with wireless charging devices, you can now charge your phones wirelessly! So what about those without wireless charging capabilities? Are they left out of the fun as well? Fret not because Starbucks will be offering Duracell Powermat “Rings”.

These are rings that attach to the micro USB/Lightning port of your phone, thus giving it wireless charging capabilities. These rings can either be bought from Starbucks where they are sold at $9.99 each, which is admittedly rather affordable, or they can be loaned from Starbucks and returned at the end of your visit, although we reckon if you frequent Starbucks often, perhaps having your own ring would be a better idea. So, who’s excited at the idea of wireless charging?

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