rooftop-chargerIt has been quite some time already that everyone carries some sort of mobile communications device, starting from the days of the dumb phone and ushering in the age of smartphones. Having said that, getting enough power to juice all of those communication devices could prove to be quite a challenge, which is why there should be more and more public areas that allow one to provide their power hungry devices with some respite. Enter the Strawberry Tree, a standalone, solar-powered mobile device charger that is meant to be used in public spaces.

The Strawberry Tree was the idea of Miloš Milisavljević, where three years back, he was still a university student who studied engineering in Belgrade. The Strawberry Tree sports a large photovoltaic panel located on a steel frame, where it will function as a means to juice up various devices such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Not only that, it will also come with LED lighting as well as speakers which can be remotely controlled via an app over a Wi-Fi connection. The whole idea of this Strawberry Tree is to place it in a public area, including parks and malls, to make city life smarter and more convenient. It would be interesting to see just which city would want to adopt this idea first in their public areas.

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