army-blimpThe U.S. Army does have a fair number of ”toys” to play around with, where you can be sure that all of these “toys” would come in handy on the battlefield – as well as in passive defense. In fact, they have just revealed an airship that resembles that of a blimp, where this particular airship was specially designed to assist the military in detecting and destroying cruise missiles that are sent hurtling by the enemy in the direction of the capital – as well as other major East Coast cities, where it will hopefully be able to avert any potential wartime attacks.

This unique airborne vehicle will be launched next week, as it makes up a segment of a three-year test of the system over at Aberdeen Proving Ground, which is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Baltimore. Next spring would see a full deployment, where the system will boast of a couple of unmanned, helium-filled aerostats, which have been specially tethered to concrete pads that are located 4 miles apart. They will remain afloat at an altitude of 10,000 feet, which is approximately 33% as high as a commercial airliner’s cruising altitude.

There will be a balloon that will continuously scan in a circle format, ranging from upstate New York and going all the way to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, not to mention heading west in the direction of central Ohio. As for the other balloon, it will tote a precision radar that assists the military on the ground to pinpoint targets. These aerostats will not be armed, although incoming missiles can be destroyed via a three pronged attack – through air-, ground- or ship-based weapons. Known as JLENS, which stands for Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, would this make you sleep better at night?

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