Last week the folks at Rocksteady released a new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight. The trailer provided us with a look at the gameplay footage from this title, which was expected to be released by the end of this year, but has now been pushed into 2015. Part two of that gameplay trailer has been released today and it continues where the last one left off, the infiltration of the Ace Chemicals plant.

We saw in the previous trailer how Batman was going to infiltrate the facility of Ace Chemicals. The caped crusader went through both land and air, with his trusty Batmobile making an appearance as well.

Part two of the Batman Arkham Knight gameplay trailer picks up from where we previously left off. We get to see a good amount of gameplay footage, which is something many of us are curious about, since it was Rocksteady’s decision to make this title available only on PS4 and Xbox One, part from the PC, to ensure high quality.

We also get to see Batman Arkham Knight’s villain a couple of times in this trailer series but up till now it hasn’t be revealed who the bad guy really is under that suit. The third and final trailer in this series will be unveiled at Sony’s opening keynote during the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas.

Rocksteady recently confirmed the new release date for this title. Batman Arkham Knight is now destined for release on June 2nd, 2015.

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