Nokia-Lumia-930-Beauty2When we think of Microsoft in the workplace, we usually think of computers and software, like Windows-based desktops and laptops and Microsoft Office as the default productivity suite of choice, and also Exchange/Outlook when it comes to handling emails. However when it comes to mobile, it’s usually a mix bag of choices.

Well for fans of the Windows Phone platform, you guys will be pleased to learn that it seems that BMW has decided to choose Windows Phone as its operating system of choice when it comes to mobile devices. According to reports, BMW is said to be replacing the smartphones of about 57,000 employees to Lumia branded devices.

Regular employees are said to be receiving the Lumia 630 while executives will be given the more powerful Lumia 930. However the deal has yet to be finalized but we expect that if and when it does, the rollout of phones to employees will most probably take place over the coming months as 57,000 smartphones is a lot of phones to purchase at once!

In any case the deal will also be a boon to Microsoft as it allows them to gain additional foothold in the enterprise space, which at the moment and according to a recent report seems to be led and dominated by iOS.

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