chevronThere are a couple of different ways in which you could pay for your gas at a gas station. You could either go inside and pay using your credit card or with cash, or you could use your card at the gas pump itself without having to go into the store. Well it looks like come 2015, Apple Pay will be one of the new ways in which you can pay for your gas.


This was confirmed by Chevron who tweeted, “We are working alongside Apple to develop solutions to integrate with Apple Pay at the pump by early 2015.” Chevron was actually listed as one of Apple’s supporters a few months ago, but at that time their support for Apple Pay was only limited to the in-store cash register.

With this tweet, Chevron has revealed that Apple Pay support at the pump itself will be arriving in the near future. This is undoubtedly a lot more convenient and if you were looking for another reason to support Apple Pay, this could be it. Chevron did not mention when exactly the integration would be taking place but early 2015 is their estimate.

The company had also confirmed that along with Apple Pay integration at pumps, they will continue to expand the amount of stores that supports the payment service at the cash register. They are planning a rollout to about 3,000 stores in 2015. So, how do you like the idea of being able to pay for gas with Apple Pay at the pump itself?

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