vivid-paintingThe world of art is an interesting one, where the boundaries in this particular area of humanity continues to be pushed and expanded all the time. Artist Rafaël Rozendaal happens to be one of them, where he is most famous for colorful, abstract website artworks. In his latest series of new images, Rozendaal has decided to come up with lenticular paintings that is sure to turn heads whenever they look at them – literally.

Inspired by this old-school technology that became famous for its application in baseball cards, where it featured some basic motion of the subject whenever the baseball card is turned slightly, lenticular animation has been applied by Rozendaal into his latest series of artwork. He said, “A lenticular painting is like a very specialized single purpose computer. As you stand in front of it, it is computing an equation. The algorithm consists of the four frames, the possible outcomes are infinite. It’s a computer that does not need electricity to run.”

Individually, these paintings happen to be similar to a piece of software, where the shapes and colors that make up the composition will also script their transition. A quartet of key frame images will be chosen, before a special kind of software will slice them into strips that measure a few pixels in terms of thickness, before being interlaced. These images will then be printed on a special sheet of plastic that have ridges which will function in the same manner as that of lenses, hence exposing each of the four images in sequence to deliver the animating effect. Whoever said that art and science cannot walk hand in hand?

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