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Autonomous cars are the future which is why many carmakers are now devoting substantial time and resources to develop vehicles of the future. Even companies that aren’t related to the automotive industry, like Google, are trying their hand at self-driving cars. Mercedes-Benz would be one manufacturer that you would expect to lead the charge and it has its own efforts going. The German company is teaming up with LG which will be tasked with developing a stereo camera system for MB.


LG itself formally announced that it has inked a memorandum of understanding with Mercedez-Benz to develop and manufacture a “stereo camera system.”

Autonomous cars heavily rely upon cameras, which essentially function as the eyes, which detect movements in front of the car that the driver may have overlooked. These cars also need to “see” the road and judge its behavior accordingly in traffic and at pedestrian crossings, because the system can be linked with the car’s brakes to stop automatically when necessary.

For LG this partnership with Mercedes-Benz is the perfect opportunity to establish a foothold in the autonomous car market which may hold a prosperous future a few years down the line. Mercedes-Benz gets LG’s technology in the field of image sensing and IT so this is basically a win-win for both parties.

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