pebble-2-3Whenever you purchase a regular watch over the counter, that is about what you would get from it for the rest of your life – or rather, the watch’s life. The only thing that you would probably change from time to time would be the battery if it runs on those and is not kinetic-powered, or perhaps the strap if it starts to fray at the side. Well, smartwatches are different – since they run on software, this would also mean that you will be able to enjoy having updates from time to time. The Pebble smartwatch is one such timepiece, where the Android app within has just been updated so that it will play nice with Android Wear notifications.

In other words, Pebble Watch owners who have updated their timepiece’s app to the latest version will be able to act on notifications straight from the Pebble itself, and this would include dismissing them pesky alerts which started off with the noble intention of keeping your life on track with various activity notifications, among others. Developers, take note – should an app be Android Wear-compatible, this would also mean that it will work on Pebble devices to boot, as developers need not go through the hassle of having to do double work by coding their applications twice. This feature remains in beta, but it is open to the floor. You would need a Pebble or Pebble Steel watch, alongside a smartphone that has Android 4.0 or higher as the mobile operating system of choice. [Press Release]

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