the-interviewRegardless of whether or not you enjoyed The Interview, the movie has turned out to be Sony’s best selling online movie to date, not to mention a hit amongst pirates as well, thanks to all the attention that was brought to the movie following the spate of hacks on Sony Pictures. Now if you decided you’d rather not spend the money and download the movie instead, there’s a chance you could have downloaded some malware with it.

According to software security company McAfee, it has been discovered that there are some copies of The Interview that have been laced with a malware called Android/Badaccents that targets Android devices on which the movie is loaded on. The malware is a particularly dangerous one as it uses your mobile device to help lift personal information from financial institutions.

McAfee has partnered with the Technische Universität Darmstadt and the Centre for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt to help track the malware which has reportedly hit some banks in South Korea already. It has also been reported that about 20,000 Android devices have reportedly been hit with the malware already.

So like we said earlier, if you have to watch the movie, then you should probably turn to a legit source such as Google Play, YouTube, or iTunes to get your hands on it, even if it means paying which some of you guys would have done anyway if you had gone to the cinema.

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