Most of us keep our music stored on a single computer, or maybe an external hard drive which means that we will need to carry it around with us around the house if we wish to listen to it on different devices. This can be a bit troublesome, so if you’re in the market for a device that lets you create your own personal music cloud and offers multi-room streaming, you might be interested in a Kickstarter project for the OnAir Box.

The OnAir Box is basically a device that allows users to create their own private music cloud that can be accessed wirelessly. The device will support a multitude of storage options, such as microSD cards, external hard drives, or even USB drives, so if you have your music stored on an external hard drive, plug it into the OnAir Box to start streaming it to the connected devices in your home.

So what about those of you who listen to music on the web through services like SoundCloud? Well the folks behind the OnAir Box have announced that they will be integrating SoundCloud with the OnAir Player, thus allowing users to add their SoundCloud playlists to their personal music library. The company has also mentioned that they will be looking into other music services such as Spotify.

The OnAir Box can also be linked to existing stereo equipment, so if you have a sound system setup that you’d prefer to use, you will be able to plug the OnAir Box to it using the standard headphone jack or use an optical cable if you prefer higher quality streaming. It also features a HDMI port that allows users to connect it to your TV or AV receiver.

While there are other personal cloud devices out there such as Western Digital’s My Cloud, if you’re looking for a more dedicated media cloud streaming device, perhaps the OnAir Box might do a better job. To learn more or pledge your support (they are seeking $200,000 in funding), head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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