female-gamerFolks living in the UK will no longer have to tune into Twitch online so that they can get their fix of online matches between two eSports legends. No sir, they can ditch the virtual world, and settle for a physical venue instead in due time as they get to catch a glimpse of their favorite eSports competitors in action. Gfinity, who happens to be a league organizer for multiplayer games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft II, claims that they are working on rolling out the first permanent eSports arena in London some time in 2015.


This new venue is said to be large enough that it can accommodate up to 500 spectators, although Gfinity has refused to reveal whether they will be constructing a new facility from ground up, or to retrofit an existing venue at this point in time. One thing is for sure though – the moment this facility is completed, Gfinity has every intention of hosting up to 30 tournaments between March and September in 2015, where it will include competitive games that range from Halo to the Call of Duty before its end of season “Gfinity Championship Final.” How far do you think that the eSports industry will be able to go in the long run?

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