Now that sporting events have been largely called off due to the coronavirus outbreak, professional athletes are now turning to eSports to help keep them in the game. We’ve seen this with the NBA and more recently, NASCAR has also adopted a similar approach by having professional drivers race in online games.

However, it seems that just like regular gamers, even professional athletes have the ability to rage quit. Take for example a recent race during the Food City Showdown from Bristol Motor Speedway, where NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace appears to have rage quit after getting into an accident with another driver, which resulted in his car hitting the wall.

Wallace later confirmed that he had indeed raged quit, but it seems that he wasn’t too concerned about upsetting people who were watching the match. Unfortunately for Wallace, it seems that one of his sponsors wasn’t too thrilled with his behavior where they withdrew their support for him and later said, “We’re interested in drivers, not quitters.”

That being said, we totally get it. After all being good at a particular sport in real-life doesn’t mean that you are good at it in the video game version. We can only imagine the frustration that he felt. Wallace later took part in another race where his car was decked out with the US Air Force’s recruiting colors instead.

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