Xbox Live has been in the news a lot this past week primarily because the online gaming network was knocked offline over Christmas through a DDoS attack. Microsoft worked hard for a couple of days to get everything up and running again. Today we find ourselves talking about XBL again but for a completely different reason. One of the founding members of Xbox Live has decided to leave Microsoft after spending over 18 years at the company.

The person we’re talking about here is Boyd Multerer. He is a founding member of Xbox Live and XNA, centrally involved in the development of this service for years and obviously has a great knowledge about all the bells and whistles of Xbox Live.

Multerer confirmed through a tweet that he’s saying goodbye to Microsoft, saying that “it was a good run,” but now its time to do something new. There’s no reason to believe that Multerer’s departure has any connection whatsoever with the attack on Xbox Live, this angle isn’t even been speculated as of now.

He won’t say what he will be working on next, but clarifies through a tweet that friction with the top guys at Xbox isn’t the reason why he has taken this decision.

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