Xiaomi-Mi3Xiaomi’s products tend to be limited to the Asian region, mostly China, but thanks to China’s population and Xiaomi’s affordable products, the company has managed to catapult itself into the number three spot as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. In fact recently Xiaomi’s CEO had expressed his confidence that the company will eventually overtake both Apple and Samsung in the next 5-10 years.

Assuming that is still their goal, one of the next markets the company has to conquer would be the Indian market which is almost as populous as China. Unfortunately it looks like Xiaomi’s plans have since taken a hit. According to reports, Xiaomi’s phones have been banned from being imported and sold in India.

This is according to a Delhi high court ruling in which the court ruled that Xiaomi had infringed upon Ericsson India’s patents, ultimately leading the judge to direct customs officials to stop the import of the company’s handsets from the country. The court has also appointed local commissioners to ensure that Xiaomi’s local offices comply with the ruling.

While patent infringement cases seem to be pretty common, what made this ruling seem especially harsh was due to reports that Xiaomi had allegedly ignored Ericsson’s attempts at communication. In any case it remains to be seen what Xiaomi will do about this, but for now the company’s plans to expand into the Indian market appear to be on hold for now.

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