Most of us take for granted that we have working limbs that can type on keyboards, use the mouse, hold a pen, and so on. Unfortunately not everyone has that luxury, like designer Michelle Vandy who lost the use of her hands after developing repetitive stress injury in her arms. Now as a designer, losing the use of your hands is no doubt a huge setback, but apparently that did not stop her from trying.

In a profile on Core77 on Vandy, she reveals how she ended up using her nose to help create some pretty stunning paintings, paintings that some of us with full use of our hands can’t even hope to create for a lack of artistic flair, perhaps. According to Vandy, “I was sitting in my room late one evening fiddling around with this external touchpad I had lying on my desk and without thinking, lifted it up to eye level and touched it with my nose. “Click”. I tried swiping too – it worked!”

She later adds, “I opened up photoshop with shaking fingers, hadn’t opened it in months! I had a few more goes holding the trackpad to my nose and swiping left and right, up and down and the movements felt strangely natural to me.” At the moment Vandy’s setup includes the use of a Manfrotto tripod, a Magic Trackpad, and a tripod plate with velcro strips to attach the trackpad to the mount.

If you’d like to see Vandy give a demonstration on how come can create stunning art using just their nose, check her out in the video above for the details. In the meantime what do you guys think? Pretty impressive, huh?

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