apple-pay-002At the moment Apple Pay is currently supported in the US, however Apple has not made it a secret that they are hoping to launch the service in other parts of the world in the near future. Well the good news for Apple is that while Apple Pay has yet to launch in the Netherlands, Dutch bank ING has already shown their support for the service.

A recent sighting on ING’s website has revealed the bank’s intention to support Apple Pay if and when it launches in the region. According to the translation, “Pay with Apple, you can pay in a number of stores with your iPhone 6 (Plus) or Apple Watch. Your mobile phone retrieves the data from your credit card at the Passbook app.” Oddly enough it reads like the service has already been launched, but we’re guessing it was just meant to prepare customers for it in the future.

So far we have heard that Apple is looking into expansion into the EMEIA region so ING’s preparation for its launch does make sense. There have also been talks that Apple is looking to launch the service in China thanks to a job listing which revealed their plans, and not to mention there are rumors about a launch in the UK as Apple is said to be in talks with UK banks.

The banks in the UK have reportedly expressed their concern over the safety and security of Apple Pay, but at the same time have acknowledged its success in the mobile payments industry.

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