Artificial intelligence or AI no longer seems like the stuff of science fiction movies. Machines are becoming increasingly important in our lives and this trend will only gather steam as technologies progresses over the years. Elon Musk, the man who really needs no introduction, has been quite vocal about the potential dangers that artificial intelligence might pose for our kind. He’s now putting his money where his mouth is. Musk has announced that he’s donating $10 million to the Future of Life Institute for supporting research that focuses on keeping AI “beneficial” for humans.

Musk isn’t the only high-profile figure to warn about these potential dangers and the possibility of AI going full Skynet on us. Those familiar with the Terminator movie franchise will know the dangers of machines becoming self-aware, and we really can’t count on a Terminator in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body to save the world.

Stephen Hawking has made his concerns about this public as well so Musk clearly isn’t alone. In fact that Future of Life Institute has actually brought together many researchers who have put their name to an open letter that calls for research on AI to be kept beneficial.

Future of Life co-founder and UCSC professor Anthony Aguirre says that Musk’s donation is going to make a “major impact.”

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