As the wait continues for the Federal Communications Commission to come up with new guidelines there has already been a lot of debate on the issue of net neutrality. ISPs have their own point of view, which some online services support, and others vehemently oppose. The public has strong opinions for both sides and the debate drags on while FCC sets things in motion for a vote. It looks like FCC might be planning to vote on net neutrality in February.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Communications Commission has said that chairman Tom Wheeler intends to bring up the proposed regulations for a vote next month. The agency is due for its monthly meeting on February 26th so mark your calendars if you’re interested about how this will pan out.

Last year it was expected that Wheeler would bring up the new regulations for vote before 2014 ended but towards the end of last year we heard that the process had been delayed to ensure that these regulations would hold up in court should the circumstances move that way.

Net neutrality is a concept which states that all online traffic should be treated the same and that websites using very high bandwidth, like online services which may include Netflix or YouTube, shouldn’t have to pay proportionately just because millions of users access those services and put burden on the network.

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