It has consistently been rumored over the past few months that Samsung is going to unveil two new variants of Galaxy S6. One of those variants is believed to be similar to Galaxy Note Edge which has a display that curves over the right edge. This variant is commonly referred to as Galaxy S6 Edge right now but a placeholder on Vodafone’s website hints that it may simply be called Galaxy S Edge.

This doesn’t seem odd at all. Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are not too different in terms of specifications. The latter stands out because of its curved display and it doesn’t carry a number in its moniker, it simply goes by Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung can very well be expected to replicate this with its upcoming flagship.


Digging into the source code of Vodafone’s page one finds that a pre-order form for Samsung Galaxy S Edge will be added. Though it is unclear when it will go live.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed when it will unveil the new devices. Rumor has it that the company is going to conduct an event on March 2nd, a day after HTC is done with its announcements, to formally unveil the Galaxy S6 and its Edge variant.

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