grush-01I saw the Grush gaming toothbrush a few months ago when it was an early stage prototype, and I am happy to see it launching at CES. The main gaol of Grsuh is to make the brushing a fun experience rather than a chore. Most kids hate brushing their teeth and Grush promises to make them love it.

Like any wearable device, Grush feature motion-sensing technology that detects the toothbrush motion during brushing and transmit the data to the paired mobile device. The data is stored in Grush cloud and accessible from the mobile application.

Grush games integrate the brushing motion into the gameplay and different graphic themes, kids improve their brushing score a.k.a. the “Grush Factor” in various games. The Grush factor measures the brushing quality and is synced with a dashboard app on the parent’s smartphone or tablet. By tracking the results, parents and dentists are able to help the kid improve and insure better dental care.

Grush is released with 3 games: “Monster Chase,” where users brush away monsters hiding in their teeth, “Toothy Orchestra,” that virtually turns the Grush brush into a conductor’s wand, and “Brush-a-Pet,” where kids take care of “Gavin Giraffe” over the course of a year.

You can pre-order Grush for $59 from the website, the connected toothbrush will be available in Q1 2015.

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