htc-m8-vs-htc-m9It was not too long ago that we managed to catch a glimpse of the very first leaked photos that depict HTC’s upcoming flagship device, which would be the HTC One (M9). Of course, none of the leaked photos have been confirmed to be the real deal just yet, since nothing official has been released to date, but they rank pretty high on the believable scale. In fact, the upcoming successor to the HTC One (M8) could very well be called the HTC One (M9), where it also carries what some claims the codename Hima.

Needless to say, it would not be too far off the mark to figure out that there will be a family resemblance here, as you can see above. The comparison shot shows off the alleged next generation HTC One (M9) located on the left, while the older, yet decent performing HTC One (M8) is located right smack in the middle.

Of course, one ought to take all that they have seen with a pinch of salt here, since nothing is really confirmed until there has been an official release of sorts. One would be able to take note that the speaker grille design underneath the display has changed a bit, and so too, does the overall look of the front-facing camera and the sensor array located right above the screen.

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