lg-mystery-watchWe know that LG has a couple of smartwatches available at the moment, like the LG G Watch and the LG G Watch R, but what many did not realize is that LG and Audi have recently collaborated on another smartwatch. This was first discovered during Audi’s press conference at CES 2015 where the car maker announced several new partnerships with tech companies such as LG, Samsung, and NVIDIA.

While that was interesting in its own right, what caught the attention of many was during Audi board member Ulrich Hackenberg’s time on stage in which he managed to summon the Audi Prologue onto stage using just the watch. At that time it was unclear as to who the maker of the watch was, but according to Android Central, they have confirmed that it is a smartwatch made by LG.

It is also powered by Android Wear which will be separate from a webOS-based wearable that LG is also working on. Unfortunately apart from the photos and the fact that it runs on a customized version of Android Wear, not much else is known about the device for now, like whether it will be released to the public eventually or if it might just be a one-off thing designed for Audi’s demonstration.

In any case it is still a pretty cool looking watch and it looks classy too. It could even pass off as a high-end luxury watch if no one knew any better, but what do you guys think? Is this a smartwatch you would like to get your hands on?

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