Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 535 Windows Phone-powered smartphone back in November. By December we heard that some of the early buyers were facing issues with touch sensitivity on the new smartphone. Microsoft was aware of the problem and it promised a software fix. The fix was rolled out for some markets initially now the company has released it even for the dual-SIM variant.

Issues that Lumia 535 were facing included incorrect multi-touch detection and low-touch sensitivity. This resulted in the device not detecting a tap or registering a tap in the wrong place, causing inconvenience to users.

It didn’t need to be an elaborate exercise just to fix this since Microsoft had confirmed early on that these issues will be addressed through a software update. The company took a couple of weeks to put the fix together, tested it out, and is now releasing it for all Lumia 535 owners around the globe.

This software update is going to lower the touch sensitivity on Lumia 535 because its higher than it should be already. It is available for both single SIM and dual-SIM variants, and also brings the Cortana virtual assistant to Spain, Germany, Italy and France. It even allows users to add cellular data toggle to Action Center’s quick actions.

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