Microsoft pretty much dominated the news cycle yesterday as it showed off Windows 10. The upcoming iteration of its operating system brings countless new features, some of which we had already heard about, while the company also unveiled some new hardware like HoloLens. During the main presentation it didn’t touch upon Windows RT but during a question and answer sessions with reports the company confirmed that it is working on a new update for Windows RT.

Microsoft released Windows RT back in late 2012 alongside Windows 8. This version of Windows was designed to run on ARM processors, the ones you would normally find in a smartphone, however Windows RT failed to leave its mark. There were a combination of various factors due to which this happened.

Yesterday the spotlight was squarely on Windows 10 and Microsoft didn’t divert from it during the main presentation. It was only during the Q&A session did the company acknowledge that it is “working on an update for Windows RT as well.”

Microsoft also revealed that the latest update for Windows RT is going to bring limited functionality over from Windows 10 so don’t expect all of the new features to land on the ARM-based device that Windows RT is powering.

That’s all that Microsoft is saying about Windows RT at this point in time, we’ll have to wait for more information from the company, particularly about the features that will be included in the new update.

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