moto-360-smartwatch-review-1One of the things Motorola has done to differentiate the Moto X from other Android smartphones is with the introduction of the Moto Maker. For those unfamiliar, the Moto Maker is a customization tool for the Moto X in which users will be able to customize a Moto X handset for themselves before it is shipped to them, pretty cool, huh?

However could we be looking at similar customizable options for wearables in the future? Well according to Motorola’s COO Rick Osterloh, it could be. Speaking in an interview with CNET, Osterloh was asked if the Moto Maker could soon include wearables like the Moto 360 smartwatch.

In his response, Osterloh did not deny the possibility, but at the moment it seems like such a feature could be a while before it breaks into the market. “Could be. We have no major announcements in this area, but I think your intuition is very good.” Osterloh also commented on the importance of customization.

“We consider this to be the power alley of our strategy. We’re driving toward consumer choice because we think as these become more personal devices, this becomes increasingly important.” Sounds like an interesting feature to look forward to, but what kind of customization features could you expect from a smartwatch in the future?

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