If you have been following the news around PlayStation Network and Xbox Live attack, which happened over Christmas, then you may have already heard about Lizard Squad. This is the group that claimed responsibility for knocking down the online gaming services on Christmas. It took a couple of days for the companies to bring their networks back online much to the dismay of gamers around the world. According to a new report one of the members belonging to Lizard Squad has been arrested in connection with the DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox Live.

The 22-year Lizard Squad member, Vinnie Omari, was arrested in the UK by officials from the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit after a raid on his home. Omari confirmed that his house had been raided and even provided a photo of the search warrant to the Daily Dot.

In a subsequent email to the scribe Omari claimed that law enforcement agents “took everything,” items included an Xbox One, USBs, laptops and phones.

The Thames Valley Police later put out a press release confirming that a 22-year old man was arrested “on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offense.”

Omari has been released on bail for now and he claims no charges have been filed yet. On its end the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into another Lizard Squad member known as “ryan” or “ryanc” for his connection with the DDoS attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

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