samsung-glove-patentHmmm, it looks as though the “smart” prefix is about to apply itself in the world of gloves, going to prove yet again that truth can be stranger than fiction. After all, Samsung did pull a fast one – or at least, attempt to do so in last year’s April Fool’s by announcing a wearable glove that carries the moniker “Samsung Fingers“. Samsung Fingers claimed to feature a flexible 3-inch UHD Super Emo-LED display, a discreet 16MP camera alongside 4GB RAM. Well, it seems that such an idea proved to be the springboard for the future, and ultimately, we could very well see the realization of the Samsung Fingers. Who’s laughing now?

In fact, Samsung has already filed a couple of patent applications for a smart glove that is titled “Electronic Device Having Sensor and Operation Method Thereof.” One of these application was filed with the USPTO, whereas the other had been filed with the equivalent of South Korea’s patent agency.

In the revealed diagrams, such as the one above, it showed that the glove will feature flexible displays embedded within, looking rather similar to that of a QWERTY keyboard. In addition, there are also a number of sensors that are found within the glove itself, and actual patent applications do describe the product as a “finger motion recognition glove.”

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