skype windows 10At the moment if you wanted Skype on your computer, you’d have to go and download it for yourself. However come Windows 10, Microsoft has announced that Skype will come integrated into the operating system itself, so that when you launch your brand new operating system, you can begin chatting with friends and family right away.

The integration of Skype is really a mix of the Messaging app that Microsoft had killed off in Windows 8.1. The newer version will see Skype integration and will allow users access to the usual Skype features, such as video/audio calls as well as sending text messages. Naturally all of the messages will be synced across your devices, like your phone and tablet.

Microsoft has also started to link mobile numbers with Skype usernames, so that in the even you or your friend can’t remember your Skype username, you should still be able to find them via their mobile numbers, which in some way is similar to apps like WhatsApp, LINE, or iMessage where you can find your contacts who are using the app via their numbers.

As expected Microsoft will also be giving Skype a makeover in terms of its UI, which you can see in the image above. The latest build of Skype can be found in Windows 10 and for those who are curious about it, you can join the Windows Insider program to try it out for yourself.

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