korean-solarA research team from South Korea has managed to achieve a new level of efficiency where solar cells are concerned, and this is done thanks to a brand new formula that mixes perovskite structures. Perovskite happens to be an inexpensive, abundant mineral,and the researchers have successfully discovered methods to increase the efficiency level when applied to the field of solar power. These new solar cells would measure at 17.9% efficiency, which might not sound like much, but in reality, it is a giant leap for such a clean alternative energy source.

Research work done at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology and Sungkyunkwan University published their findings recently, and this new formula would require the precise mix of ingredients. It seems that after many attempts, the team has successfully arrived at an ideal ratio to achieve maximum efficiency. As a result, the material used to create solar cells delivered a high level of performance.

This ought to go some lengths to make solar cell use all the more popular among the masses for sure. After all, scientists have long been working on different ways to improve the energy efficiency of silicon solar cells over the years, but failed to achieve a major breakthrough like this.

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