vertu-alligator-1-1024x655For the average consumer, you have your basic entry-level smartphones that probably won’t cost you more than $100, but if you wanted something better, you could opt for flagship models that will cost you anywhere between $500-$700. However there are models that are priced even higher and not because of its hardware specs, but rather the materials that they are made with. You might have heard of Vertu, the company that specializes in luxury phones, and they’re back with a new lineup of smartphones for their Diamond collection.

These smartphones are based on Vertu’s Signature Touch and Vertu Aster smartphones, depending on which model you are going for. The top of the line model is the Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds which uses the Vertu Signature Touch as its base. It will feature 124 white diamonds that have been set on a pillow of gold.

vertu-alligator-2-1024x655It features white gold detail on the stereo sound bar, a jet-black ceramic pillow, and will also sport alligator skin that wraps around the back of the smartphone. This bad boy will set you back a whopping €15,900. If you’d rather not spend that much, there is also the Diamonds Red Alligator which is based on the Vertu Aster.

This phone will feature 55 white diamonds, red alligator skin, and will skip on the gold detailing. It will be priced at €8,900 which still isn’t exactly cheap or affordable by any means, but still cheaper than the Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds.

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