NFCstickerLast year VivaLnk unveiled a digital tattoo in which users would be able to unlock their Moto X handset with. Safe to say that company’s technology has a lot of potential and during CES 2015, the company took the wraps off an eSkin Thermometer. The concept is similar to that of the digital tattoo, which is that users will be able to stick the eSkin Thermometer on their bodies.

The sticker comes in the form of a cute bear so that it doesn’t look too geeky and will be great for use with children who might be a bit fussy when it comes to things like this. The sticker itself features NFC technology and in order to check the temperature of the wearer, all they’d have to do is bring their phone (an NFC-enabled phone) close to the sticker in order to read its data.

We’ve seen low-tech versions of such fever-monitoring stickers, but presumably the eSkin Thermometer will eventually open up the door to more health-based wearables and monitoring devices. According to VivaLnk, the sticker will last about 15 days and is washable, so you could basically stick it on yourself or your child for the duration of their sickness without having to constantly change it.

The company expects to release the eSkin Thermometer in the spring of 2015 where they are hoping to price it at around $15-$20 for a pack of three.

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