Have you heard of XOEye Technologies before? They happen to be a leading enterprise wearables solutions company that has the vision to reshape both industrial business processes and data capture, and in their partnership with Vuzix, a company that handles video eyewear and smart glasses in the consumer, commercial and entertainment segments, this synergistic partnership intends to see the end result of delivering custom, end-to-end enterprise wearable technology implementations that comprise of ANSI certified smart glasses, accompanied by a customized embedded Linux software platform, and advanced features and applications which will cater to manufacturing, construction, field services and other deskless industries which are based all over North America and in the Old World, that is, Europe.

XOEye will include Vuzix’ M100 smart glasses alongside its XOLinux operating system and Vision cloud-based management and communications platform that will hopefully be a wearable computing solution that is ideal for even the toughest frontline work scenarios – regardless of whether it is the manufacturing, construction, field services, and widely distributed organizations.

At least this would be an alternative to the Android OS that sees action on the Google Glass, where the familiar enterprise approach has its fair share of benefits in terms of speed of development, flexibility of deployment and community contributions

XOLinux has been specially designed for business applications and to integrate more seamlessly with existing technology infrastructure. XOEye Vision happens to be a cloud-based software suite which will be able to collect workplace data and images for future retrieval and analysis, working in conjunction with a pair of smart glasses. Pricing details have yet to be revealed, however, so it should only be a matter of time.

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