LEGOLAND California has a spanking new addition that will surely send Star Wars fans into a frenzy – yes sir, we are talking about the completion and arrival of the Death Star that is made out of LEGO bricks, but of course. This latest model is all set to debut on an official basis (without blowing up our planet, thankfully!) this coming March 5th over at LEGOLAND’s Star Wars Miniland area.

Apart from that, you will not find any rogue starfighters from the Alliance ready to let loose a couple of photon torpedoes down its exhaust vent in order to blow it up into smithereens, which would not be ideal at all since this Death Star is made up of more than 500,000 LEGO bricks, now how about that? The entire shebang is definitely far more than what an ordinary person is able to carry around, since it stands at a whopping 13 feet in height, measures 8 feet wide and tips the scales at over 1,900 pounds.

With R2-D2 casting a watchful eye, a team of builders made use of a forklift to carefully maneuver the LEGO Death Star model into its desired position, making sure that it will be able to attract just about everyone’s attention by the time March 5 rolls around.

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