xiaomi-xi3sGoogle’s Android operating system is being used around the world, thanks to different OEMs adopting the operating system into their handsets. So far there hasn’t been much for Google to worry about especially since Google’s services are also used by many consumers, such as Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, Search, and etc.

What this means is that despite the modifications an OEM makes to Android, at the end of the day most people just go back to relying on Google’s services instead. However according to a report from The Information (via Business Insider), word on the street has it that Chinese company Xiaomi has Google a bit worried and that it is believed internally that Xiaomi could pose a significant threat to Google.

Why is this, you ask? Granted at the moment Xiaomi does not have much of an international presence, but if there is one thing that Xiaomi has that Google doesn’t is the fact that their services are being used in China, a market in which Google is banned in and where their services on Android are being replaced by local alternatives.

China is a big enough market where Apple’s Tim Cook acknowledged that it was a key market. This means there are millions upon millions of potential users already using Xiaomi’s services ahead of Google, not to mention Xiaomi’s eventual plans for North American expansion, but what do you guys think? Does Google have something to be worried about?

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