Last year the new iPhones from Apple brought the much awaited larger displays. iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display and the iPhone 6 Plus touts a massive 5.5-inch display. Anyone who is looking to consume a lot of content, particularly movies and TV shows, would probably be better off with iPhone 6 Plus since its display is better suited for that. Data from Citrix shows that this is to true to quite some extent as iPhone 6 Plus owners tend to use double the amount of data as opposed to their counterparts with iPhone 6.

Citrix’s data shows that people who own an iPhone 6 Plus have a tendency to use almost double the data that iPhone 6 owners would use on their devices. Compare iPhone 6 Plus owners with those who had an iPhone 3GS and they consume a whopping 10x amount of data than iPhone 3GS users.

Though that’s no fault of the iPhone 3GS. Not only did it have a relatively smaller display but its slower hardware from almost six years ago isn’t capable of keeping up with the latest services, so its not exactly a device many would opt now for content consumption.

Citrix says that the reason why data usage is higher on the iPhone 6 Plus is because users tend to treat it more like a tablet than a smartphone, they consume more content through streaming media services, which obviously drives up data consumption.

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