iPhone_6C_2015Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones later this year, assuming they keep to schedule and follow tradition, but could Apple be thinking about releasing an iPhone 6c along the lines of the iPhone 5c from 2013? While we can’t be sure what’s in the cards at the moment, concept renderings of such a handset have surfaced.

As you can see in the images above and below, the iPhone 6c is basically the iPhone 6 except that it has been given a plastic body. It features the same curves and design of the iPhone 6, although in this case it seems that the designer has made the phones a tad more colorful by changing the Touch ID ring color to match the handset’s color which is a nice touch.

iPhone_6C_005Other than that it looks pretty much the same. If Apple were to release such a handset, we have to admit that we would not mind getting our hands on it. However the question is will Apple want to repeat the flop that was the iPhone 5c? Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had admitted that they did not expect the sales of the iPhone 5c to be so low.

In fact there were rumors last year that suggested that the phone might be discontinued. At one point in time Apple was supposedly sitting on 3 million unsold iPhone 5c units which is actually pretty rare for Apple as they have constantly sold out. Perhaps Apple could learn from their mistakes with the iPhone 6c, but what do you guys think? What are the chances of Apple launching another plastic phone this year?


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