mass-effect-3-reckoning-citadel-dlcIf you’re a fan of the Mass Effect franchise, chances are you’re looking forward to the next installment in the series which at the moment has been tentatively named as Mass Effect 4. Last we heard, the game was in a somewhat playable state and BioWare claims that we might be able to expect it later this year.


That being said, what kind of features might we be able to look forward to? For those who are hoping for some kind of multiplayer aspect, you might be in luck. According to the game’s senior development director Chris Wynn, he teased the possibility that Mass Effect 4 could have a multiplayer aspect.

According to the job listing, it calls for an Online Producer who will “Create and champion the vision of the multi-player, connected experiences and online features of the game…” which we can only imagine alludes to a multiplayer feature in the game. Then again previous Mass Effect titles had multiplayer support, so we guess this hardly comes as a surprise, but it’s good to have it confirmed all the same.

That being said, what kind of features are you hoping that Mass Effect 4 will have for its multiplayer mode? Any particular feature you felt was missing in previous games that you’d like to see included in the fourth Mass Effect title?

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