xbox-live-gold-free-515x287Things in life tend to be divided into two segments – one of them would fall under the “must have” category which would be a need, while the rest can be said to be wants. Having said that, the Xbox Live Gold membership used to be something that could be considered to be coveted among gamers on the console front, but it certainly has lost its popularity in recent times, as Microsoft made amendments to its policies in June last year in order to enable console owners to run third-party apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer or YouTube without first having to be a Gold member.

Well, it seems that those who enjoy more than a spot of online multiplayer gaming would find that Xbox Live Gold is indispensable. Now would be a good time to jump on board if you haven’t yet done so already, taking into consideration that membership will now include free and discounted games every single month – not only on the Xbox One but Xbox 360 as well, and to sweeten the deal, the Xbox Live Gold membership will now come with a 33% discount from the normal price.

This means the 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership will retail for a mere $39.99, which will free up $20 for you to spend on something else – a game, perhaps?

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