Smartwatches are quickly becoming frontrunners in the wearable device category and its not surprising to see many major companies coming to the market with one of their own. Google came up with a platform for such products called Android Wear and companies like Samsung and LG were among the first to build smartwatches on it. Motorola’s Moto 360 received a lot of praise due to its beautiful design which may also be the reason why it led the 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches that were shipped last year.

The data comes from research firm Canalys which claims a total of 4.6 million “smart wearable bands” were shipped last year out of which 720,000 were powered by Android Wear. Moto 360 was the leader among Android Wear vendors despite the fact that its supply was constrained throughout 2014.

It merits mentioning here that this data only shows the number of devices that were shipped, not necessarily sold, so it can’t be said for sure whether all of those 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches were sold to customers.

Pebble is also mentioned in the research firm’s data, it is claimed to have shipped a total of one million units from its launch in 2013 to end of 2014.

These figures are expected to improve in 2015 given that the new crop of Android Wear smartwatches will come out over the next few months.

The market will also be graced by Apple’s smartwatch, destined for April, which is one of the most hyped smartwatches that we have seen up till now.

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